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יום שני, פברואר 19, 2007

Two bacterias talking, 2 Billion BC

Just read a funny conversation from Ray Kurzweil's book - The Singularity is near. It goes something like this:

Bacteria A: One day, 2 billion years from now, 10 Billions of us will join together to form gigantic bodies capable of amazing things and forming self-awareness. Each bacteria specializing in its own thing to serve this huge body. We won't have to worry so much for food, because the body as a whole will take care of this.
Bacteria B: You're delirious.

Ha, ha,... How true... How could 2 bacterias even imagine that humans will emerge. Now, let's try to make this mental leap once again - what will happen when humans make this next leap??
This idea of a Singularity is totally mind-boggling. Joining the minds of humans with calculation power to a kind of "Gia" that operates as one body... Seeing this happening right in front of our eyes... Truely amazing.

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