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יום שני, ספטמבר 19, 2005

Commune library

Had this idea when I was traveling:
I have some books I know my friends would like to read, and I know they have some books that I want to read. It just costs too much gas and time to visit each of them and ask them about it. Hmmm.... So why don't we open a commune library and share them? Better than that - why don't we all post our recommendations about them on the net? That's a strong filtering system... I've been too much around communists and dreamers this week :)
Well, this is where reality kicks in and does all the work for you:
So you can find my user there in the 'Zeitgeist' tab - it's eburcat. Or just click here..
Can't wait till you all put your books in there and we'll be able to start sharing them and rip off the publishing industry like good left wingers (smalanim).

Hmmm... This site is kinda amature so it crashes from time to time... Oh well... This is not a mission critical thingy anyway...

By the way: For now I published only a couple of books I know some people would like to read... More to come soon.

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