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יום שלישי, יולי 18, 2006

Reporting from the ghost city

Went to get some fresh air this evening. They say that Haifa has turned into a ghost city, well... It's not far from the truth. Some bars were open but all of them were almost empty. Some reporters were editting stuff in the cafe we sat in, and cars were driving at 100kph in Moria street on the right lane (which is usually full of double parking cars honking at each other).
Tayelet-Lui was packed with reporters from some American networks, Spain, Romania and the Israeli channels. We couldn't hear the studio, but it was amazing to see how questions from the United Stated are getting transmitted to the reporter's ear piece, and to see how his answer is being transmitted back to so many people throughout the world - and all of this just in front of us. Truely inspiring all these communications we have today. So many satelite dishes were transmitting through us, that I fear for my children's life :).
On the way back to the car a siren started. So I jumped into a nearby restaurant and asked for their protected area. They had one. Only me, the manager, two waitresses and two cooks from Thailand were there. The Thais asked us if we heard a "boom boom". We didn't. We said "no boom boom". Although I saw how the waitresses pledge their clients to come with us to the protected area - no one even bothered to put down his capuchino. I guess that if there was a "boom boom" the situation was different.
The rest of the evening I kept listening to my mp3-disco-kid-fm-radio till I got back home. Tired, a bit disturbed, but happy.

Have a safe day/night,

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