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יום שבת, מרץ 11, 2006

Some podcasts I recommend

Udi asked me about it, so I decided to compile a list of podcasts that might be of interest to many of my readers. - The best lecturers giving their best lectures at the best conferences and interviews about science, business, technology and much more stuff. Opens the mind to the world. Highly recommended.
ecotalk - A really good reporter for environment issues. 37 minutes a week of world environment perspective. She's also Jewish :)
MSR: Fitness podcast - Sports-Motivation coach that herself got rid of some tens of pounds - now help the world to follow her footsteps. Very American, still I love her ;-) .
Betty in the sky with a suitcase; Fly with me - (2 separate podcasts...) This flight attendant and pilot are hilarious! They just brings the best stories I've ever heard. Pure fun.
History According To Bob - The most bizarre history lectures I've ever heard. Sex in the civil war is one of the funniest topics.
In Business - Peter Day from the BBC. Excellent reporting.
The word nerds - Well produced show about exciting things in the English language. Contemporary and fun.
And of course - my mptrips which sadly are not for wide distribution yet, but I might let you listen to it if you'll ask kindly enough :).


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