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יום שלישי, מאי 30, 2006

Effective advertisment

יום שבת, מאי 27, 2006

Clean the beach

The amount of plastic and glass trash on the beach in Haifa has gone beyond anything I have ever seen. I feel like I'm in Guatemala again. If you don't know, in many 3rd world countries - people take their home trash to the bus, in order to throw it from the window - far away from home. When I saw the beach today, it reminded me just that. And who gains money from all of this? Coca Cola, Prigat, Goldstar. The rest of us get a poluted beach. I'm really ashamed of this.
In 3 weeks I have a 2 hour course from the ministry of environment. I'll get certified as a "Neeman Nikayon", so I'll be able to fine people that trash like this. I'm considering running a campaign to stop this filthy habit of trashing our beach. We'll see if I can do something effective. Seems to me like a nice challenge. He he, I hope that in the 2 hours they also teach self-defence :). Who knows, here in Israel...

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